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Your tween is way past the Pin the Tail on the Donkey activities for his birthday party. His friends and how they view him are important, so sit down and start looking up ideas for a unique party that he and his friends will never forget.

Gokart Party

Check out the gokart tracks in or near your community. Some may offer packages for birthday parties, along with other types of functions. A sales representative can show the different party packages they offer, which could include a private track, several gokarts, a family-size picnic table, food and beverage.

While you’re talking to the sales rep, ask about how they handle younger party attendees. While you want your son’s party to be unforgettable, you also need to keep safety in mind.

Party for a Rock Star

Design invitations that look like VIP backstage passes and send them to your son’s friends. Rent a karaoke machine and round up several karaoke CDs so everyone can enjoy their 15 minutes of fame onstage as a rock star. Buy some temporary “rock star” style tattoos that wash off.

Order several T-shirts with famous rock stars on the front, dark sunglasses and play microphones and stuff these into “swag bags” for each guest. Order in several pizzas and stock up on bottled water and sodas, then let the kids party.

Spa Day for the Guys

Your son and his friends might actually enjoy a day of pampering that’s usually reserved for the girls. Don’t rule this out, because they’re at the age where they want to start looking good for the opposite gender.

Reserve a spa for the afternoon. Ask for special styling for the boys that might make them feel special. Bring in game systems so the kids can play while waiting their turn. Have a face painter available to paint designs on the kids’ cheeks.

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Artist for a Day

Maybe your son is a budding artist. If so, he’ll really enjoy a party geared to his artistic interests. Hire an art student from a nearby university to give a fun art lesson. College kids always need extra funds. Set up the party room/art studio with long tables decorated with colorful fruits, vegetables and fruit drinks.

For party favors, buy painter smocks, paint brushes and pencil vases. Provide sufficient paper that each artist can go home with his or her creation. Who knows? You and your son may actually inspire another budding artist to explore a new talent.

Water Party

Your son’s birthday doesn’t have to fall in the summer. If your community has an idol aquatic center, you can schedule a birthday party during the coldest part of winter. Just make sure the kids take their warm woolies so they can change and stay warm once they leave the center.

Rent a room at the center and send out those invitations inviting your son’s friends. Tell them to bring their swimsuits, goggles and beach towels. You’ll handle the food, beverages and cake.

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