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Back when I was in high school (ages and AGES ago) I was pretty doggone good at dressing nicely, fixing my hair and makeup, and wearing jewelry to match. I wouldn’t say I managed to be stylish (that was never a skill), but I did manage to be put together. I had a very nice collection of earrings and necklaces that I enjoyed wearing. Even better was the collection of old costume jewelry that had belonged to my mother and grandmother.

Then? I had kids.

Because the earrings could be yanked and the wedding ring could scratch fragile skin during diaper changes, I gave up wearing jewelry. It was just easier to go without, so I did. Plus I thought that it was easier on Hubby because he didn’t have to feel compelled to buy me jewelry.

The days of diaper changing and earring yanking are long gone, and when the opportunity to try out a pair of earrings from Blue Nile came up I thought, “Why not?? I’ve been wanting to do more girly things again.” So I said yes, send ’em on over. The Leaf Chandelier Earrings are just so cute! Who could resist?

Not me.

As soon as they arrived I ripped open the mailer and then popped open the signature blue package. Ooooooh! Pretty! I put in the earrings and just loved how they sparkled and flipped around when I moved my head. Every single boy in the house noticed instantly, and I had fun showing off my ears. After years and years of not wearing any earrings, I was pleased that the holes were still open and that these earrings were comfortable.

I wore them again all the next day and had no discomfort to speak of. How cool is that??!? I’m going to wear them again on Mother’s Day and feel pretty.

The other big shock was Hubby telling me that all of the guys at work agree that wives who don’t wear jewelry make life more difficult. He didn’t like not knowing what to give me on various holidays. Well sheesh, in nearly 18 years of marriage, this is the first I’d heard of this! By all means man, buy me some sparklies!

I love sparklies.

I was also blessed with another set that I get to give away. Squeee! I love giveaways!

Use the Rafflecopter widget below and earn entries. Winner will be chosen via random drawing after midnight on May 18, 2013. Sorry, we won’t have the earrings to the winner in time for Mother’s Day.

Let’s call it a late Mother’s Day gift!

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FTC Disclosure: I was given a free pair of sparkly, pretty, sterling silver earrings from Blue Nile. They are beautiful and fun and I am glad to be wearing them. All opinions are my own.