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Encouraging Heroes. You can be one too.

Is there anything cuter than an excited child running around the house dressed up like his or her favorite hero? Kids love costumes, and since you are reading this article, you are probably one of the parents who knows this for a fact. But, when the very much anticipated costume party happens, you might experience a little bit of panic… No worries, in the following text you will be able to find loads of Disney-themed costume ideas. With Disney, you cannot go wrong, right?

5 Costume Ideas for Boys

Aladdin – Let your kid be the king of Arabian nights by dressing him up in baggy white pants, a purple vest and a hat. To complete the costume, find an Arabian sword toy (or any other kind of sward – the child won’t matter) and a magic lamp. You can even dress yourself up as Genie and make your kid’s wishes come true.

Hercules – This can be both fun and educational. Hercules is a very famous character from Greek mythology, and while your kid is running around the house with his “golden armor” fighting the three-headed dragon (your flowers) with his mighty sword, you can actually teach him a brief history lesson (you can find history of Hercules here).

Captain John Smith – This is yet another historical figure of great importance. John Smith is one of the people history has to thank, because he played a big part on the colonization of America. Your kids saw him in the Pocahontas movie, which is an excellent one for that matter (as they all are). The best thing about this costume is that it is not that hard to improvise.

Mad Hatter – Dressing your kid up as the Mad Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland movie might be a bit tricky, but it is definitely an original idea that not too many people will come up with. If you want this one, be sure to do a little research on the net to see if there are some Mad Hatter costumes available online, and you might even run into a DIY project.

Peter Pan – This is an excellent choice. Peter Pan is a young boy, a child who will never grow up in the land of Never Land. Get something green for your kid to wear, don’t forget the little green hat, pick him up in your arms and show him how to fly, using fairy dust delivered straight from Tinkerbelle, of course.

5 Costume Ideas for Girls

Ariel – This is the famous Little Mermaid. Get your daughter a red wig and check online for if you can find some Little Mermaid costumes, just so that you don’t have to create the fins from scratch. If you have a pool, all this would be a little bit more perfect, right? Do not worry, however, if you don’t, since it probably won’t matter. So, get the whole Under the Sea adventure started.

Alice – The costume of Alice in Wonderland is excellent if your little girl is fond of adventure. The curious Alice is famous for falling down the rabbit hole, because she couldn’t stand not knowing why is the rabbit in such a rush, and where he was heading to! For this costume, you just need a blue dress and an apron. It is simple, but very effective.

Mulan – This Disney character is very good, when it comes to getting your child acquainted with different cultures. Mulan’s costume is great if your daughter is into swords and samurai warriors (something that is not so uncommon today), if she is the adventurous type. You will need a little makeup, and a green kimono (or whatever color for that matter).

Pocahontas – Dress your daughter up like the Indian Princess Pocahontas, a costume that is definitely not hard to create, or even find online. You can use this occasion and teach your daughter a little history, since Pocahontas is a historical figure who was praised by the early settlers. She is said to have saved Captain John Smith from death and she played an important part in the process of settling America.

Snow White – You have to have respect for Snow White as this the first ever Disney animated motion picture. It is a very old movie, and yet, still, it is very popular. You will find loads of creative ideas on how to make your kid look like this Disney character, and you can even look for a set of garden gnomes that will serve as the Seven Dwarfs, but that is up to you.

So, to wrap up, when it comes to picking a costume for a child’s costume party, as mentioned above, if you go with Disney, you cannot go wrong. Feel free to explore other creative ideas on the web, since you will find loads of them. Go forth and make your kid happy, since making him or her happy will make you very, very happy – it’s just the way things are.

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