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Li’l Lingo Can’t Rhyme Tuba is a children’s storybook about Li’l Lingo, a girl who loves adventure, music and rhyme. Also bicycles, guitars, and sports. Born from the imagination of author Jori Sams, Li’l Lingo delights both children and adults.

The story is brightly illustrated and available in 2 editions: one is bi-lingual (Spanish and English) and the other is only English. The bilingual version had the text under the pictures which made for easier reading (I will admit, my eyes are aging), while the English-only used a colorful font laid over the pictures. If it were me, I’d keep the font but move the text over to the white space. I had Captain Earthquake read it, and he struggled just a bit to make out the words. Visually it’s a bit busy. Other than that, I have no critique. I loved the book.

Children trying to learn either language would benefit from the Spanish-English version. Having the verse there in both languages is great for practicing vocabulary. I enjoyed it in part because I don’t get to practice my Spanish skills very often.

Li’l Lingo is an eBook, and right now is available for $3. Prices normally run in the $5 to $10 range on the Writeious Kids site, so this is a fantastic savings. Most books are around 20 pages long, which makes them the perfect length for bedtime.

I really enjoyed Li’l Lingo Can’t Rhyme Tuba, especially the last page which made me smile. The Captain reacted exactly the same when he got to the end. Big smile, and now he’s sitting next to me trying to find words that rhyme with tuba.


If you love to read with your kids, this book will be just perfect for you. I don’t know who wouldn’t smile at the ending of this one. Jori Sams has written quite a few Li’l Lingo books, as well as some other Christian titles for adults. This is a series I hope goes on for a nice long time.

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