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When I was a little girl, one of the super fun things about my dad being a college professor was going down to the computer lab and playing with the punch card computer. If you ever get to see a video of one in action, do it. For little kids in particular, this was a lot of fun. And I was a little kid back then.


I bring this up to make the point that I have been around computers and technology for all of my life. And yet, I’m still constantly amazed at the new things that are invented. I remember laughing at someone when I was in the 6th grade, because they said that telephones weren’t going to have wires someday. I mean, really. Who ever would have thought such a thing??

And now, not only do telephones not have wires, but they can monitor your baby and alert you with a phone call in the event of crying during naptime. And. And!!! The phone can play a recording of your voice or the music of your choosing to start soothing said baby while you are walking to the crib yourself.

How amazing is that?!?

Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Eye My Baby is an app that does all of the things I mentioned. I downloaded it to try out and it was very easy to set up. Because we don’t have a baby in the house, The Manager was kind enough to look up a crying baby video on YouTube and we played that for the app. Sure enough, when the crying reached the levels I’d set, the phone called me to let me know what was happening. I was able to see a report right on the phone showing me on a moment-by-moment basis what the baby was doing. One second of crying, 3 seconds of silence, and so on.

I will tell you that I was somewhat hesitant about this particular app when Ashish Chowdhary, the creator, approached me for this review. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in parenting, it’s that more relaxed is usually better. I found that using a baby monitor led to me being more jumpy when they were little. Granted, the older boys were a few weeks old when my Mother-in-Law came to visit and she plopped them into their swings and went outside to mow the lawn. I was astounded. You can do that?!?

I thought I had to watch them every second.

As if they were going to go somewhere.

Really, do you think I was thinking clearly? I don’t believe I was. Perhaps it was the sleep deprivation.

Anyhow. Ashish pointed out that having a responsive app of this nature can help new parents be more relaxed, because there’s a tool in place to help calm the baby. When you have a newborn screaming, it can be more than a little unsettling. And definitely not relaxing.

He makes a good point.

One thing this app is not intended to do is replace parental supervision. I have to say, though, carrying your phone along while you mow the lawn during naptime is certainly a lot more convenient than a baby monitor. Ashish also suggested that it’d be a handy tool to monitor pet activity in certain circumstances.

I’m not sure my dogs would be particularly impressed with a recording of me saying something soothing. Okay, now I’m going to giggle about that one for a while.

You’re welcome.

Eye My Baby is available on Google Play.

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FTC Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this app in order to do this review. All opinions are my own. I still think technology is amazing. As well as mobile devices that will monitor a baby for me.