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Kids love personalized items and belongings, so what better way to let them express themselves than with some awesome name labels for kids? You can help your kids create the labels themselves, or you can order some fun ones online. These ideas are great for back to school, summer camp or simply for the sake of organization and self-expression.

Check out these eight different items you can label, as well as ideas on how to label them.

1. Backpacks

School backpacks can be bland, but they’re necessary. One great way to ensure that your child’s backpack stands out and doesn’t get lost is to label it with his or her name. Incorporate your child’s favorite colors and designs on the label and then stick it in a plainly visible area.

2. Travel Bags

Suitcases, duffel bags, carrying cases … We all need bags that are travel friendly. Travel bags sometimes have a tendency to get lost, and some of them look exactly the same. A fun and noticeable name label will help your child avoid confusion about which bag belongs to whom. A label helps your child find his or her bag, and it adds a fun touch of personalization.

3. School Supplies

School supplies can also be easily lost or stolen. Label your child’s pencil cases, notebooks, glue sticks, binders, folders, etc. to help them keep track of all the supplies that belong to them. Get creative and find or create some eye-popping labels for these small items.

4. Sports Gear

Most children take the sports they play very seriously and are adamant about keeping their gear close at hand and in spiffy shape. Labeling gear such as sports bags and sporting equipment will help them keep everything organized and nice looking.

5. Storage Compartments

Labeling storage compartments such as storage bins, drawers, cabinets, and storage boxes is a great way to help your child keep all of their belongings neat and organized. For example, if your child’s name is Ben and he has a box where he keeps all of his video games, you could label that box as “Ben’s video games.”

6. Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles

Why use generic and plain body wash, shampoo and conditioner bottles when you could create your own unique and personalized ones? Bath time would definitely be more exciting with some cute and colorful bottles with personalized labels such as Britney’s BodyWash, Samuel’s Shampoo or Caroline’s Conditioner.

7. Lunchboxes

Most kids’ favorite time of day is probably lunch time. One way to make lunch time even better is to personalize your child’s lunchbox. A label will almost guarantee that the lunchbox will not be stolen, but more than that, a personalized lunchbox is awesome.

8. Accessories

All children have accessories such as hats, jewelry, umbrellas, watches, etc. Help them identify which accessories belong to whom with unique, personalized labels. Get creative with your label display options!

About the author: Madison Sonnier is a lifestyle blogger who loves personalized organization.

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