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If your kids have reason to be out and about after dark, than safety is sure to be a concern. How many children remember to wear reflective clothing on a regular basis? I have at least one child who dresses in mainly black, so while he could have a future in the ninja business, he’s definitely not visible when out at night. That’s why I was interested to learn about Gary Castelle, the creator of Personal-Reflectors.com. Here is his story:

One evening, I was driving behind a school bus and I noticed that the bus was pinstriped with reflective tape. I thought it would be a better idea to make the kids reflective since I’m not really worried about hitting a bus.

I came up with the idea of mounting the same reflective material that’s on the bus onto Velcro. Now I had a 2-sided, long lasting, weatherproof, shatterproof, easily transferable, easily cleaned reflector. Just peel one open and wrap them around any strap such as a belt, purse strap, backpack, baseball hat clasp etc. or use the hook side (rough part of the Velcro) to attach a reflector to your wool hat.

They are so ultra-lightweight that they can even be used on earbuds wires, which is critical since the use of MP3 music players make streets even more dangerous, since kids can’t hear oncoming traffic.

According to Gary, statistics show that the #1 cause of death for children ages 4-15 is being struck by a vehicle. The use of a simple 2″ reflector can increase visibility 500%!

Gary was kind enough to send us some samples for this review, and I was especially impressed at the way they were received by my pickiest child (cough-Mercenary-cough). He thought they looked cool and appreciated the ease of use. Because both sides of the tape use Velcro, the colors can be mixed and matched. They’re very lightweight and therefore won’t be a hindrance, which means children are less likely to pull them off and not use them.

Personal Reflectors are very affordable, starting at $2 with free shipping in the USA. Enjoy!

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FTC Disclosure: I received some Personal Reflectors in order to do this review. I like them very much and do recommend their use. We all want our kids to be safe.