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If you are a parent, then you already know how noisy and impatient the children can get, especially when they get bored – imagine how difficult it would be to keep them calm and quiet during a 12-hour flight. If you have decided to travel by plane, then the following tips and hints will surely help you prepare a safe environment for your kids:

1. Give Your Children Something To Chew On

The takeoff and the landing are the most important parts of the flight, because these are the moments when your child needs your attention the most. The little one will feel a significant pressure in the ears, but if you give him something to drink or chew, that unpleasant feeling will go away instantly. Young children should be given a feeding bottle, while older children can enjoy gum or candy, as this will help them get accustomed to the sudden change in air pressure.

2. Bring Anti-Bacterial Solutions

You should always carry a small bottle of spray or anti-bacterial solution (you can find them almost anywhere these days, including convenience stores) to clean your child’s hands before they starts eating. Also, make sure to clean the seat and every surface the kids may come in contact with during the flight. The immune system of a child is very fragile, and it is better to prevent than to treat – especially when you go on a holiday!

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Food

Make sure to buy enough food and water before you get on the plane. Although most airlines do offer meals during the flight, especially if the flight is very long, it is better to have your own food and not need it, than it is to need it and not have it. Hungry children scream the loudest, especially if the food offered is not to their liking. Besides, it is better to give your children the food they are used to, rather than giving them the food they have on the plane, as the child may experience a sudden allergic reaction to new food.

If your child is very young, then you can ask your flight attendant to warm the feeding bottles – however, make sure to test the temperature of the milk/tea beforehand, just to make sure they got it right.

4. Keep The Little One Entertained And Happy

This is the most efficient “remedy” for restless children – make sure to bring a blanket or a stuffed animal the kids can play with before they hopefully fall asleep. Also, a sleep sack or a pair of pajamas will do – it is essential to make your child feel as comfortable as possible, given the fact that traveling by plane can make them very uncomfortable already.

If you have older children, they will likely be entertained by a laptop, an iPad or a similar device, but please make sure to follow the airlines rules and turn off all of the devices during both takeoff and landing.

5. Bring Enough Diapers

Last, but not least, make sure to bring more diapers than you would normally need, as it is better to come prepared. You never know when the baby may get an upset stomach, and when that happens you need to change the baby right away to avoid embarrassing moments. Also, make sure you have plenty of diaper wipes as well, especially for long haul flights!


The bottom line is that flying with children can be stressful. However, your flight should go smoothly and it should be uneventful, provided that you prepare the kids for the trip. If you take into consideration the pieces of advice mentioned above, your family will be safe and sound during the flight and you can enjoy your holiday!

About: Mark is a father of two awesome children and a husband to a loving wife. They both go to great lengths to take care of their kids and often write advice for other parents. In this article they discuss safety measures that they thought of during their flight to a holiday in Noosa.

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