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Playgrounds are favorite places for our kids. Not only do they run and play, but they also meet other kids and make friends.

Playgrounds are so associated with recreation and fun that it is easy for parents to overlook basic safety concerns. Every year, thousands of kids head to the hospital due to injuries received on playgrounds. Certainly, you don’t want to bring your kids to the playground in full body armor, but there are some things you can do to protect your kids while they play. Here are a few tips to help you keep your children safe.

Choose Your Playground Carefully

Several things need to be considered when choosing a playground, and if you have more than one available to you, check them all out and decide which one best suits your kids. Begin by checking the ground. For example, areas covered with gravel or asphalt are dangerous.. Also, choose a park with a fence around the entire areas where children play, especially if it is located close to a road.

Watch Your Kids

It goes without saying that whenever you bring your kids to a public playground or park, you should keep an eye on them at all times. If you’re bringing a group of children, invite more adults to help supervise. This makes it much easier to monitor for potential accidents and decrease the chances of a stranger doing harm to your child.

Inspect the Playground

While many parents let their children head into the park as soon as they get there, better to take a few minutes to check out the equipment for problems or defects. Look for loose fittings, sharp pieces, rust, or anything else that could hurt your kids. If you find anything that could injure them, report it immediately to maintenance and make sure that other parents are aware as well. Do not let your children play on damaged equipment.


One of the most important parts of your child’s attire for the playground is his or her shoes. In the spring and summer, even though sandals are popular, these are not ideal footwear for the playground. To protect your kids while they play, make sure they have good, sturdy shoes with treads. This reduces the possibility of slipping, keeps feet in correct alignment, and provides cushioning for running and jumping.

Also, make sure that your child’s knees are well protected. We all know that kids fall down a lot when they’re playing, and one of the areas of their bodies that takes the most punishment are the knees. Wearing pants that cover the knee for extra protection is smart, especially if the playground has hard surfaces.

Also, if your child wears glasses, consider getting a pair that won’t shatter to prevent shards of glass harming him or her in case of a fall or other accident on the playground.

Bring the Right Gear

While most parents bring snacks and beverages to the playground, consider bringing a first aid kit too. This can be small, maybe some bandages, peroxide or antibacterial cream, and some baby wipes or towelettes. If you keep a first aid kit in your car, make sure you park close to the playground. Also, don’t forget to use sunblock.

Be sure you know where the nearest hospital is in case of an injury that requires medical attention. Also, be sure your cellphone is fully charged in case you need to call for help.

Teach Your Kids to Play Nice

Kids do play hard; it’s a fact of life. Just make sure that your children know when enough is enough. Pushing, hitting, and kicking, as well as other actions that could cause injuries, should be off limits. Teach your children to come to you if they have been hurt by another child, instead of taking matters into their own hands.

If you stick to these tips, protecting your kids while they play is easy. Remember, it’s all about having fun!

About the author:

David Reeves is Marketing Manager of Playland Inc. in Carrollton, GA. Playland Inc., is a total solutions manufacturer and supplier to many industries, with its roots deep in the park and playground markets including churches, schools, and day care centers. It has developed into the only company in its field to offer direct to all of its customers, the ability to purchase outdoor playgrounds, shelters, shade, indoor playgrounds, water slides and site amenities. Connect with SII on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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