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Parental stress is unavoidable when traveling with children, and you do not have to be overprotective to worry for the safety of your child when you stay in a hotel or motel. Problems and unpredictable situations can arise anywhere, no matter if you choose a motel by the road or a 5-star resort.

If your child is old enough, make sure to teach him the basic safety rules through various entertaining and child-oriented activities. However, if he is too little to understand the importance of staying safe while traveling, then here are several tips that will help you prevent unpleasant situations:

1. Be Careful With Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture can be a real threat to your child, regardless of his age, as he can easily get hurt in sharp edges or nails. It is recommended to bring several childproof products made from rubber or other soft materials, for the furniture and for the TV. These items can be easily installed and removed and they can really come in handy if you plan to spend several nights at the same hotel or motel.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the accommodation amenities, from the swimming pool which should come with adequate fencing to play equipment and gardens where your child may come across dangerous sharp tools or rusty equipment. It would be ideal to find a hotel with pool coverings, alarm systems and other child safety measures.

2. Choose A Room Inside The Motel

Another great safety tip is to choose a room that is as far from the road as possible, not only to reduce the risk of robbery, but also to prevent the child from playing near the road. This should not be a problem with regular hotels as we know them, but motels tend to be closer to the road. In addition, the room should be as close to the stairs as possible, as children are unaware of fire safety rules and if fire ignites, you need to leave the hotel as quickly as possible.

In case of fire, even a couple of seconds can make the difference between life and death, and there is no room for compromise when it comes to the safety of your family.

3. Bring Sanitary Products And A Small First Aid Kit

Sanitary products like napkins and gels are extremely useful when you stay in a hotel or motel. Bacteria and microbes exist even in the fanciest hotels these days, and the immune system of your child is very weak during the first years of life. On the other hand, the first aid kit is very useful for accident emergencies and it should include an antiseptic spray, a small sunscreen, an insect repellent, band-aids and such.

4. Make Sure The Doors And Windows Can Be Locked Safely

This is actually the first thing you need to do as soon as you get into the hotel room. Check the door locks and the closing mechanism of the windows, to make sure they work properly. It is highly recommended to opt for rooms with mosquito nets installed at each window, to prevent your child from falling out of window.

Traveling with your family can be tremendously fun. Following these tips can help make travel safer as well.

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