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When you welcome a child into the world, your life suddenly revolves around doing the best you can for this little person. What better way to give Junior a good life than to provide a safe home for him? Not all of us can afford to spend endless dollars getting our homes ready for a new baby. Here are five budget-friendly investments you can make to make a safer home for your child.

Safe nursery furniture
In the early years of life, your child will spend half their time or more in their crib. Make sure your baby’s crib is up-to-par with current safety regulations. To avoid unnecessary chemical exposure, consider a non-toxic mattress as well.

Install a security system
We’d all like to think bad things won’t happen, but it’s always good to be prepared. Installing a security system in your home is an easy and affordable way to make sure your child is safe at home. In addition to keeping your family safe from intruders, a security system gives you the option of setting up chimes to sound when doors open, so you can be aware if your child tries to sneak out.

Set up smoke detectors.
In case of a fire, especially during the night, the presence of a smoke detector in the home can save your life and that of your child. Make sure to check the batteries often, as instructed in the owner’s manual. Once your child is older, you can develop a fire escape plan specific to his or her part of the house as well.

Make the switch to non-toxic cleaners
Almost any household cleaning project can be tackled with a non-toxic cleaning product. While cabinets containing cleaners can be locked, stocking them with non-toxic cleaners in the first place insures that even if your child is exposed to them, there won’t be any harm done.

Install baby gates
Once a child is on the go, a baby gate at the top and bottom of staircases and in the doorways of non-baby-proof rooms can save your baby from severe injury. This small and easy investment is an important one.

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