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Teen drivers are always anxious to gain the freedom that comes with getting behind the wheel. They will study, take courses on driver safety in school, and do almost anything necessary to get their hands on that coveted license. However, they are not as fast to apply this knowledge when the air of the open road is in their hair. The responsibility of operating a motor vehicle is something that is just plain difficult to impress upon them, placing an extra responsibility upon parents to drive the points home in order to keep them safe behind the wheel. The following guidelines are among the most important one that should be driven into the minds of teens.

Minimize All Distractions

Keeping their mind on the road in front of them requires that cellphones be put out of reach, the radio and iPods be left alone while in motion, and that eating or drinking while driving be prohibited. All of these things can lead to deadly accidents very quickly. Because teen drivers are new to the road, they do not realize how quickly accidents can occur, and they often overestimate their skills as a driver.

Obey the Rules

Even the most cautious teen driver experiences the temptation to bend the traffic laws on occasion. This slight bending of the law may include speeding, running traffic signs, or failing to use turn signals. The rules are in place in order to keep drivers safe, however. In fact, speeding is the cause of 40 percent of all teen fatalities occurring on the road. As a parent, it is critical to also set a good example by following all traffic guidelines yourself while your teen is in the car with you.

Watch Out for the Other Guy

Accidents occurring that involve teen drivers are not always the fault of the young driver. In many cases, other people who are driving while distracted or while intoxicated are the cause of collisions. Should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, then you must protect yourself by consulting a Fremont Personal Injury Attorney immediately after an accident. You can also guard yourself by practicing defense driving techniques beforehand whenever the car is in operation.

Encourage a Solo Trip

While teens are always at greater risk for being involved in an accident when behind the wheel, the risk rises even higher when they are driving with other teens present as well. They are almost guaranteed to be a distraction for the driver. The chances of being involved in an accident nearly triple due to the presence of distracting teenage friends in the passenger seat.

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