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A new house is always something to cherish. It brings in a sense of achievement for the owner, and is a mark of his or her pride. Everyone desires to own a house and it is the biggest investment that one makes in life.

Each human being is an emotional creature. He or she can connect emotionally not only with people around but also with objects. A car, a watch or a toy can become a piece of the heart for simply emotional reasons! This happens more with the kids, for whom the emotions are stronger than practicality. Many kids cling on to old toys or books and do not let them go just due to the emotional attachment with them. This is an intangible thing but one cannot ignore it, especially in case of the kids.

The children may or may not like your new house, and there may be several reasons for not liking the new house:

  • No emotional attachment
  • Unknown areas
  • Fear
  • The absence of people they are acquainted with

Being new, the house has no emotional attachment to the kids. Moreover, there can be some unknown rooms and balconies far away from the parents’ rooms that may scare the child. It may so happen that, in a new house, the kids come leaving the grandparents back in the old home. Since they are very close to them, they miss them and feel bad about the new dwelling place.

So how to make them cope with the new place? You can try these few tips:

Make the warmth felt
Arrange for kid’s parties more frequently in the new home – the parties bring in a sense of joy and happiness. The feeling of warmth comes in, which makes the child feel nice about the place. A sense of possession also develops in the child. All this helps him/her to cope with the new environment.

Bring in the grandparents for some time
If they are not staying with you, bring them in for some time. This can help you make the child feel comfortable and warm. This allows the child to spend some quality time with the grandparents and develop a sense of good memories in the new house, which has been lacking so far. These good memories will help the kid fall in love with the new place in the long run.

Do not leave the kids alone for long
A problem with working parents is that they both are outside the home for long. In a new place of living, the kids may feel insecure when parents are not around for long. Thus, one must make sure that at least for the initial days, this should not happen. If you find time to come down for lunch together, it is great. If you cannot do so, coming home early in the evening is mandatory to make your kid feel nice, at least for the first few weeks.

Managing kids always calls for innovation. Do you resort to any innovative idea to make your kid feel comfortable in a new house? Do share your thoughts with us.

Dobrin Georgiev wearing hard hat and holding plans at construction siteAuthor bio: Dobrin Georgiev is an young architect with 9 years in the construction field. He is constantly challenging himself with the newest in his field of expertise. Since several years he has dedicated some of his time writing articles and giving professional advice to people about how to build their home in the most efficient way and still have good design ideas invested in it. Currently he is a major contributor to the Scandinavian construction company Huscompagniet and their “Hauscompagnie neues haus” online campaign .

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