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Today, raising children offers a number of new challenges that previous generations never encountered. The dawn of the computer age created habits that threaten both the health of the body and certain psychological issues. Obesity and Internet danger must be on every parent’s list of things to avoid. You can tackle these problems with a firm dose of parental management and supervision.

Smart Supermarket Shopping

You can cut down on the high-calorie, low-nutrition foods your children eat by simply not bringing them home from the supermarket. To satisfy a sweet tooth, choose fruit, yogurt granola and juices. For salty snacks, supply nuts, popcorn and Though your child may still find high-calorie treats when away from home, you will at least have cut down on the overall amount they consume.

Scheduled Exercise

Gym time at school may be the only opportunity they have to work their muscles and increase their physical agility. It is often the parent’s job to schedule physical activity to keep them healthy and fit. Even if your child is not athletic, you can enroll them in swim classes or other enjoyable physical activities. A look at SwimJim.com located in Houston, will show how you can provide a physical workout for children that allows them to enjoy socializing with kids their own age.

Cell Phone Check-Ins

Cell phones offer parents a perfect way to ensure the safety of their children throughout the day. For working parents, a simple text can let you know your children got home safely. A text can also alert you of a problem that is developing that might need your intervention. Use this new technology to increase your family’s safety as they go about their day.

Computer Monitoring

To prevent your child from unwittingly becoming a target of Internet predators, keep your computer in an open area of the house that allows you to walk by and see what’s on the screen. Use parental control programs to block unsavory sites. Limit the amount of time your child spends on the computer, which would be better spent biking, playing with friends or engaging in sports. Use the computer as a tool for education rather than for entertainment. Even teens need strong boundaries on computer use and will eventually understand your concern about their safety online.

Getting kids involved in healthy activities is the best way to help them grow up strong and safe. Implementing a framework of positive goals for well being for both in body and mind can last throughout their lifetimes.

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