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With kids back in school again, now is the perfect time to review security with your children. They need to know the right steps to take to ensure that they do not become one of the sad victims of this dangerous world that we live in today. Here are six safety tips you should teach your kids so they’re prepared for the real world.

1. Keep Them Safe from Fighting

To keep your kids safe from fighting, tell them that fighting is always unacceptable. Teach them to report to teachers any kids that are bullying themselves or classmates. Encouraging kids to report bullying is one of the best ways to eliminate fighting in schools.

2. Look Both Ways

Teach your kids the rule to look both ways before they cross the street. Also, make sure that they know that they should always cross streets at designated crosswalks at the intersections and to never jaywalk. If there’s a crossing guard, make sure they know to obey the guard’s directions.

3. Stranger Danger

Make sure kids know never to talk to strangers or get into a vehicle with anyone they don’t know. If you have to have a friend pick them up from school for any reason, teach your child a “safe word,” and then pass it along to the friend. The child can ask the person for the “safe word” to make sure it’s okay to go with them.  You should also find a home alarm company and make sure that kids know to activate the alarm when they come home to protect themselves from intruders. They should know never to let any stranger into the home when you are not there.

4. Contact Information

Kids should always know the right contact information in case they become lost. Have them memorize your cell phone number and home address. Tell them to ask a police officer or a mom with kids for help if they get lost. It’s safe to have them memorize some friends or nearby relatives’ phone numbers and addresses as well in case you don’t answer your phone for whatever reason.

5. Bus Safety

Kids should learn to arrive five minutes early for the bus. They should know that they should never get out of their seats while the bus is in motion. The kids should be encouraged to report any other kids who are causing problems on the bus for other kids or the driver. Be sure they know never to stick any part of their bodies out of the bus windows as well. Kids should also know to never walk behind a bus and that they should always make sure the bus driver acknowledges them before they walk in front of the bus.

6. Map Out a Route

If your kids walk or ride their bikes to school, be sure they know the safest route to get to school. Walk the route with them. Point out safe locations that they can go to for help if they are threatened by anyone or anything while they are going to and from school.

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