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In today’s busy society, parenting is a challenge. Eliminating daily activities may be the easiest way to relieve the stress and worry they cost. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done because they play a vital role in family survival. For instance, most parents must work, and their children must attend school. Although few responsibilities can be eliminated, using these five steps can lessen them.

Home Protection

Securing peace of mind is a way to decrease stress and worry. One way to do this is by ensuring protection of the home, which means ensuring the peace of mind of parents. When parents must leave home, or even if they are at home, it is good to know that, should an intrusion occur, there will be an emergency response. In such case, installing a home security system could be the ultimate home protection.

The Cell Phone

Nowadays, the cell phone is more than a luxury. It is a necessity because a person never knows when having one could be a matter of life and death. By equipping children with a cell phone, they can reach parents in times of crises. In the event of an emergency, they can call 911.


When chores are endless and hours are limited, making good use of time is a stress reliever. This can be done by preparing for the next day the night before. Since going to bed tired is inevitable anyway, it would not hurt to make the lunches, lay out the clothes or set the breakfast table. Upon getting up the following morning, some chores would be out of the way.


It is a known scientific fact that exercising relieves tension. In light of busy schedules, it may be better to choose exercises that can be done almost anywhere, for example, in bed or while sitting at the dinner table. Releasing the built-up stress and tension relaxes the mind, causing the participant to focus less on the day’s worries.

Alternative Help

As much as parents may wish to be with their kids all the time, it is not possible. Securing the help of trusted family members or friends can help. They can pick up and drop off the kids to activities or serve as caretakers during meetings and other important functions.

When parental peace of mine is jeopardized, stress and worry result. Finding relief helps. Installation of a home security system, and other practices, can lessen the pressure.