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Flying with children is not a very easy task. This is because of the common problems encountered while taking a flight which may include unexpected diversions and oftentimes the lengthy delays. Therefore one needs to plan ahead and get things properly managed in time. This article highlights some of the basic things one needs to do to ensure hassle free trip.

Plan ahead
Booking a nonstop flight is one of the best ways to ensure that one’s journey is totally painless and stress free. For example if one is traveling from the west coast, traveling during the night will be the best option for the kids because they will be able to sleep through the flight. Another wise choice I booking the earliest fight possible as one may be able to avoid the consequent delays during the day. Inside the airplane may at times feel like an icebox. Therefore it is wise to choose long pants, sweater, and if there is an infant or a very young kid carrying their favorite blanket would do the trick.

Give the kids some responsibility  
Having the kids pack their own suitcases even a month before the actual travel date helps in giving them a sense of independence which consequently leads to them becoming responsible.

Ensure every relevant document is ready
In the case where one is traveling with kids internationally, it becomes of utmost importance to check the passports prior to buying the tickets. This is to ensure that they have not expired or they are not nearing their expiration date. Some countries recommend that passports should be renewed months before the expiry date. If traveling to the United States it is requirement that one has to apply for travel authorization which can be done online through ESTA.

Pack essentials in carry-on bags
The kids will always have to change their clothes and especially sweaters due to the chills. Sometimes they can get very playful and times spill food or drinks on their clothes and hence having clothes in the carry –on bag will definitely bring some peace of mind to the parent.

Carry some snacks and nibbles
Having to be on the plane for long hours can be very boring especially for small kids and hence it is normal for any kid that their mind will probably roam of and start thinking of food. Therefore having some nutritious snacks and treats in the carry-on bag will definitely be good choice. However if traveling internationally, it is important to have a list of the foods that they can and cannot carry.

Carry coloring books, toys and magazines
To keep the kids busy and help them avoid boredom that usually comes during the long flights it is important to have some play items such as toys and children magazines.

During the flight children may get stiff and tired due to the extensive sitting. Hence it is recommended that when possible they should get out of their seats and have some several stretches.

Have a diary for the trip
The kids should be made to document the whole trip in their diaries. They should write about the adventures in the airport during departure and also in the plane not forgetting about the arrival and landing in the destination.

Having iPhone and hand held games
To divert attention from the horrible tantrums, it is important to bring an iPhone that is put into flight mode. It has to have interesting stuff like movies and kid friendly games.

Have lots of fun during the trip
To put a bottom line to this article, it is worthwhile to note that kids get to grow very fast and every moment shared with them should be cherished. Therefore even if the going gets tough, keep smiling and having fun and this ensures hassle free flight.

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