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Picking up an entire household and moving it across country is no small feat. In fact, it is more like a marathon than a sprint. The more planning you do the better likelihood that your move will be successful. To avoid stress, team up with experts like moving companies, long distance specialists in your social group, or realtors that have done this sort of thing time and time again.

Moving is not just about moving stuff, it’s about moving a lifestyle. You’re not just moving a household; you’re getting a brand new neighborhood. Here are five essential tips to make your move a big success:

Create a Support Network

This will include moving experts, realtors, and family and friends in your new location. Rely on them to tell you about the new area and what to expect. Find about employers, schools, and neighborhoods before the move to make sure your family will be pleased with the new area and the new home. Kids will feel more comfortable when the new area has something they are familiar with.

Throw Away or Keep

This is the first major decision you will need to make for every item in your house. View this time as an opportunity to downsize your life and lose the clutter. Start to figure out what you want to take with you a couple of months before you move. Donate what you don’t want to thrift shops or gift it to someone you know. You’ll be happy you did when unpacking at your new home.

Make a List

The moving company will do this for you, but you’ll still have to check it for accuracy. Make sure that you know what you are moving in using a detailed list with approximate values so that if something gets lost or broken you can collect on moving insurance.

Move Mid-Month

Moving companies have less business in the middle of the month, giving you some leeway to negotiate prices. Some places will store your goods in a moving pod until your new housing situation is stabilized. If you’re worried about moving all your belongings yourself, use one of many national moving companies for long distances moves.

Make a Claim

This not only applies to broken or missing items, but also to claiming the move on your taxes. If you meet the IRS guidelines and the move was for your job, you can get a nice tax deduction for moving across country.

By following expert advice and keeping track of the move, you will be way ahead of the game. Planning out the move makes you more confident and prevents mishaps. Team up with experts, so they can advise you on things you aren’t aware of before the move takes place.

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