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After the long and tedious but successful adoption process, you are now very excited and ready to embrace and experience what it is like to become parents and face the many challenges of parenthood. Having a child, whether it is through normal birth or adoption, is a special event that requires grand and memorable celebration. It is an expression of joy for the extraordinary gift—a new life that could make a family whole.

As new, excited parents you may be searching for wonderful ideas on how to welcome your adopted child into your family. Just like your own newborn child, the welcoming of your adopted child also needs careful planning and preparation. This is necessary to let the child feel your unconditional love right from the day he or she arrives in your arms. Here are some simple ideas on how to initially prepare and welcome an adopted child to your family.

  1. The Baby Bash – This is an interesting way to inform all your friends that you have a baby coming. Even if it’s through adoption, you should let them know how happy and excited you are of this amazing possibility of parenthood. When you are planning and working on the details of your dreamed baby shower, don’t forget the documentation to make sure that you will be able to share the event to your child someday.
  2. The Nursery – Of course, you want your child’s room very comfortable, safe and secured. As early as possible, make a plan on how you would want the nursery to look like and the furnishings as well. If you were not good at this department, you can consider looking for experts with great ideas to help you transform your dreamed nursery into a beautiful reality. You can check out some remodelers in your location, too.
  3. The Shopping Spree – Go shopping and stuff the nursery with all the necessary things you will need for your child. From the crib to the baby clothes and to other essential items, it is important that you are prepared ahead of time.
  4. The Arrival – A simple, homely party will be appropriate to welcome the child into your house, which will become his or her home. Invite immediate family members and close relatives to share your joy and celebration of this new, life-changing event.
  5. The Baptism. This is a good start to fully accept the child into your life with the blessing of the holy spirit. The sacrament of baptism will also allow you to introduce your child to your entire family, to your friends, and to a greater Christian community.

The aforementioned ideas are, for me, essential in acknowledging the gift of a child. These simple plans would formalize the child’s arrival and stay in the new home and family. Through these, you are confirming your commitment that you will provide a safe, secured and enduring bond through love. Later on, you will have to plan for your child’s first birthday party, get busy preparing for his or her first day of school, and so on.

Welcoming the child to your life is just the beginning of your meaningful and fulfilling journey through parenthood. And thanks to adoption for making it possible in your life. But sometimes, adoption can become tricky. Always ensure that you have a family lawyer to turn to when you have legal problems. If getting a lawyer is beyond your financial capacity, try to check on reliable providers that offer pre paid legal services, like Legal Shield, to ensure safety and security of your child.

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