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As you probably already know, the story behind the whole Feng Shui interior arrangement is a story about the energy flow. In order for one’s life to be in harmony, the energy around them and though them needs to flow freely. Also, some of the things can be fixed and boosted if the energy is directed that way. With that in mind, and the fact that babies are explosions of new and fresh energy, here are some useful Feng Shui tips that may come handy when you start decorating the kid’s room. This can help your baby’s health and well being and keep it a happy and peaceful little kid.

Position of the Crib

The most important part of the baby’s room, and the thing that makes it different from all other rooms is the crib. That is the central part of baby’s room and the piece of furniture in which your baby will spend the most of its days. In order to ensure the best and the healthiest energy flow, it is good to have your baby’s crib diagonally set from the door of the room. Also, don’t let the energy accumulate around you baby by pushing the crib against the wall. This will block the flow. The only part of it that can be pushed against the wall is the side where the baby’s head is. Moreover, if it’s possible, baby should be facing north.

Lights in the Baby’s Room

During the day, you will need to find the balance between the too light and too dark room. Too much light will keep the baby up and won’t let it get enough sleep, whereas, an overly dark room is definitely not good for a baby to dwell in. Feng Shui says that a round candle should be lit in baby’s room for the first seven days since it ensures that baby’s immunity is strong. For the night indoor lighting, you need to make sure that the Feng Shui rule of four is respected: no more than four electrical devices in the room. Of these four, it is obvious that a standing lamp and a night light will be two.


These two are very important for baby’s development in the early days. Scents that will bring your baby peace, harmony and a lot of rest are lavender, sea salt, and orange essential oil that will cover up the smells that can happen due to dirty diapers. Colors should be bright, but calm at the same time. The “baby blue,” and “baby pink” are quite self-explanatory in this situation.


Great things to place in your baby’s room are different objects and plants. As for the plants, excellent choices are bamboos and plants with smooth and round leaves. Avoid all sorts of sharp and pointy objects in your baby’s room. Crystals of all sorts are very welcome, as well as the metal, tingling dream-catcher on the window.

If all this fails somehow, and your newborn still cries a lot, try to cuddle and soothe your baby in the north part of the room, facing south. This should do the trick and make the baby calm. By following these tips, you will know that you have done everything there could be done in order to make your baby happy.

This post was contributed by Diana Smith, part time blogger and a regular contributor to several home improvement blogs. Recently, Diana has been interested in topics related to Feng Shui and how to find a proper indoor light for your home. She loves to see her readers getting useful information from her articles.