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Scouting can be fun and rewarding for kids and scout leaders alike. It’s essential, however, to choose activities that keep kids interested and engaged. Here are 5 ways to ensure that kids enjoy their scouting experience and keep the tradition their whole lives.

Low Tech Games

Scouting should be a time when kids take a break from their computers, phones, tablets and other devices. There are plenty of old fashioned games that require no electronics and few props. A good example is hopscotch, which only requires some chalk to map out squares on the ground. Other fun games include kickball, handball, hula hoop and jump rope. Get active and engage kids to connect with nature and put their energy to good use.

Scavenger Hunt

This game gives kids a chance to do some exploring and test their treasure hunting skills. You can choose natural items that are found in the nearby area, such as types of plants, rocks, or seashells. Kids can get points for each one of the chosen items they find.

Take Interesting Field Trips

Try to take the troop to different locations for some diversity. This could include parks, beaches, hikes, or cultural destinations such as a local museum or art gallery. Kids like to explore new places, so it’s always fun for them to get a chance to experience something new. Have them run, hike, or bike to get places.

Take Creative Photographs

Nearly every kid has a camera of some type, so why not encourage them to take some interesting and creative photographs? You might look at books or websites that feature the works of well known professional photographers for tips and inspiration. You can find worthwhile subjects wherever you go, whether you go to a park, meadow, or city streets. This will not only give the kids some great photos, it will help them look at the world around them differently.

Create Embroidered Patches

Sewing is a useful skill for kids as well as adults. When the kids start to earn scouting badges and patches have them practice sewing them on. A patch superstore can supply you with everything you need to get the kids going and stay motivated for learning their new skill and earning more patches.

These are some ideas on how to give kids the best possible scouting experience. These are activities where kids can learn something new, while they are enjoying themselves. A good principle to keep in mind is to introduce new activities on a regular basis so the kids don’t get bored.

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