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A clean, organized home is a fantastic place to live. What’s more is that a home that has that fresh, immaculate atmosphere is undoubtedly noticeable to anyone that walks through the door. Those that struggle with keeping their home tidy and well-organized will almost always respect and envy those that seem to have an effortless control over the quality of their home. Achieving this level of cleanliness takes a little bit of work, but the reality is that it’s extremely rewarding and even fun to bring a home to the next level.

De-Cluttering Comes First

The absolute first step in organizing a home is deciding what is truly and wholeheartedly clutter. Think of every room as a jigsaw puzzle; its true form is hidden, divided and obscured. In order to make it beautiful and fully functional, the pieces must be perfectly arranged. However, it’s very difficult to distinguish what belongs in a room when clutter is strewn about. Papers, clothes, possessions and other miscellaneous belongings and objects that do not belong in a room must be the first to go. Once they’ve been cleared out of the room, it’s much easier to see the room for what it really is and how it really looks. De-cluttering might rarely even be the only change needed.

What’s Worth Keeping?

It’s easy to forget that it’s okay to throw away or recycle things that have served their purpose or are simply taking up space. As the clutter of the home is being moved away from the rooms, carefully look through the objects and decide what’s really worth keeping. It’s unwise to hold on to everything, but it’s perfectly fine to keep useful, sentimental or just-for-fun belongings that can be saved for a later date. A good rule of the thumb is that if it serves no clear purpose and is just being kept for the sake of trying to make it fill a role at a later date, it’s probably okay to get rid of it.

Placement, Storage and Maintenance

The final step is the easiest and most fun. After all of the clutter has been squared away, everything can start to be placed in the most reasonable and orderly positions. For belongings that are worth keeping but are taking up extra space, storage units are easily the best option available. Millions of people rent storage units in order to maintain the cleanliness of their home, and there’s a good reason for that: they serve the role well and are perfectly affordable.

Once everything’s been placed comfortably and excess belongings have been removed or stored, the only action that’s left is regular maintenance. The secret to having a cleanly home is to clean here and there every day instead of waiting and waiting until it becomes a headache. Cleanliness will simply be a way of life.

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