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Parents need to take an active role in keeping their children safe while they are utilizing the Internet. The many pitfalls your children can run into on social media sites can create a kind of danger that is new for many people who did not grow up on computers.

If you use the managed IT services, then you have some of the tools to protect your children. In most cases, security measures to keep your children safe online are just a matter of parents doing the research necessary to use the resources at their disposal.

Use Your Firewall
A good IT provider can run you through the different kinds of protections that are offered by firewall software and show you how you can use them to protect your children. You can block certain websites and make sure that your computer is safe through your firewall.

Use Your Browser
The parental settings on your browser can prevent your children from being able to go to certain kinds of websites and some browsers can even limit the amount of time your children online. According to specialists in managed IT Services in Raleigh, NC, you can also install add-ons for your browser that will let you know all of the websites your child visited the last time he was online.

Have A Discussion
Children may sometimes complain about rules, but children also need rules when it comes to important things like Internet use. Talk to your child about the dangers of irresponsible Internet surfing and set some ground rules for being online. You can set a specific time period when your child can be on the Internet, and you can also insist that you get to create the security settings for your child’s social media pages.

Be With Your Child
The best way to keep your child safe when he is on the Internet is to start teaching him the rules of good web surfing at a very young age. Sit with your child and explain the different kinds of sites and outline what sites he can and cannot visit. If you take the time to explain these things when your child is young, then that gives him the chance to develop good habits as he gets older.

Always Be Vigilant
Even if you feel comfortable with your child’s Internet usage, you should always remain vigilant. Be sure to check his browsing history frequently and monitor his social media usage as often as you can.

Keeping your child safe while he is using the Internet is not easy. But when you take the time to establish strong rules and encourage good browsing habits, then you can feel comfortable that your child is safe online.

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