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Getting your family or a group of friends together on game night is a tradition shared by many people. Some gatherings are forgettable or uncomfortable because no thought was put into the night. A great game night requires a little planning. There are five ways to make game night as enjoyable as possible.

1. Make Sure All Channels Are Available

The first step is to make sure all the sports channels are available so there is no shortage of entertainment. A good idea is to get the complete package of sports channels from Bell so guests can watch the game in high definition. It is important to have extra channels available just in case something happens that stops or delays the game.

2. Extra Seating

No one wants to be sitting in a cramped position for hours on game night. It is best to have a good amount of extra seating available. Extra chairs or an extra couch from another room will give everyone the space needed to enjoy the game in comfort. Filling the room with extra seating also allows everyone to change positions during the night.

3. Keep a Phone Nearby

No one wants to miss a minute of play. Most game night hosts require everyone to turn off cell phones or leave them at home. A good way to accommodate guests is to keep a phone nearby. Placing the receivers from cordless phones on a coffee table will let anyone in the room make a fast call without missing the game. Anyone not at game night can call the phones to check in if necessary.

4. Keep Extra Food and Refreshments On Hand

The reality is that a game could last much longer than everyone expects. There could be delays, overtime or other issues. This means the food and refreshments could run out hours before the game ends. Hosts should always keep more food and refreshments on hand than necessary. This will ensure everyone enjoys the night no matter how long the game lasts. And let’s face it, if the guests are your own kids, you could be facing a dangerous pack of hungry teenagers!

5. Decorate the Room

The room should be decorated with team colors, banners and logos. Some people decorate a room like a stadium to keep everyone excited about the game. Taking the time to turn the room into a sports den will allow guests to enjoy the atmosphere while watching the game.

Another important thing to do on game night is to make sure guests know the house rules. There should be rules against fighting and things that will damage furniture or other parts of the home. Game nights can get heated when disagreements arise. Having some clear house rules will allow everyone to relax and enjoy the evening.

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