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We’ve all been there at the end of a lazy day where we just chill out and take it easy. All is well until you realize the children have also been right there with you, and they now need to do something, or they’ll explode. While there are the traditional ways of having kids blow off steam, such as taking them to the park, or inviting a friend over, sometimes those options aren’t available, or they get old and the child may not feel engaged by doing them. In case your child has too much energy for you, stock up on a few other ideas for the parenting arsenal.

Swimming is Both Mental and Physical

Since we are not amphibious creatures, getting in the water brings children to an arena where they can truly be creative while physically exerting themselves. Swimming is so fun for kids that they often engage in it beyond the point of pure fun, and use it competitively. Whether it’s swim lessons for young children, or just getting in the pool to have some fun, this activity is a sure winner.

51 Ways to….

When children are held captive in a car, many just zone out with their TV or iPod these days, or worse, they begin to get antsy and restless. You can break the monotony by stimulating their minds with a game called 51 Ways. The way it works is someone chooses a common object – the more common the better – and then everyone takes turns citing a way that it can be used. This goes on until the group gets up to 51 ways. The game is so simple, but it’s a lot of fun, and many parents end up surprised by just how creative their children can be.

Short Story Writing

Another great way to harness the creative energy in a child is to encourage them to make up stories. Regular story telling is a great means of not only encouraging creativity, but also improving social skills. Just think of some of the people you enjoy hanging out with. There’s always one or two who stand out because they tell stories very well. While they may be telling true stories, telling them in a certain way makes it much more enjoyable, making story telling a very valuable part of a child’s education at home and in school.

So, when your child is stuck at home, or you’re not sure what to do to harness their creative energy, consider the options noted here. Swimming, playing fun games, and learning to tell stories are all great options.

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