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If you are thinking about enrolling your child in music lessons or if you have already enrolled your child in music lessons, then you know that making sure kids stick with the lessons might be a problem. The trick is to make the music lessons fun, so kids actually enjoy them. There are six ways you can make music lessons for kids fun.

Choose the Instrument
As the parent, you should not choose the instrument you want your child to learn to play. Instead, allow your child to make this choice. After all, learning how to play a specific instrument is something that will follow your child through life, so he should at least be allowed to make the choice. Let the child make the choice no matter how strange it is. He might even want to take tin whistle lessons from OAIM.

Choose the Music
While children will have to learn to play certain songs and may have to practice certain pieces in order to learn the correct notes, it is important for children to choose songs they want to play as well. Children will actually enjoy practicing and lessons if they can play the songs they want to play.

Involve the Whole Family
Instead of isolating your child for music lessons, try involving the entire family. As the parent, attend the lessons with your child and participate. If everyone in the family plays a musical instrument, everyone should practice together sometimes. Music lessons should make a child feel included in something special.

Perform for Everyone
All musical lessons should culminate in performances of some kind. Let your child dictate what kinds of performances would be fun for him. If he wants to invite his grandparents over to hear him play, let him. If he wants to perform at school, arrange the performance with his teacher. The point is to let your child guide you to what will be fun for him.

Invite a Friend
Sometimes kids feel like they are the only ones who have to take music lessons, so they feel isolated. If one of your child’s friends also takes music lessons, arrange to have them take lessons together or at least practice together. Having a buddy during music time often motivates children to practice.

Encourage Creativity
The best way to make a music lesson fun for a child is to encourage your child’s creativity. Music lessons should not be so boring and repetitive that your child loses interest. You can even let your child write his own music.

Music lessons are important for children. They encourage creative thinking and give children self confidence.

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