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In a time when most homeowners are concerned with their family’s safety, creating a secure environment is an absolute must. For those people who are keeping an eye on their budget, there are 5 affordable ways to increase any home’s security.

While this may seem like an obvious suggestion, it’s often the most overlooked. The most cost effective way to use lighting for security is to maintain fixtures that are already in installed. Replacing bulbs, trimming overgrowth around exterior lighting, and repairing damaged fixtures is a good start. Homeowners should also make certain that remote areas on their property are monitored by lighting with motion activated or timed switching components.

Door Hardware
Locksets for exterior doors should be secure and fully operational. Hardware that is loose or improperly installed will offer no defense in the event of a break-in. Installing deadbolt hardware is also a wise choice. Again, all of these features need to be put to use in order to be effective. For those homeowners who have lost track of keys over the years, having locksets re-keyed by a professional locksmith will ensure that nobody but the family has direct access to the home.

Windows & Other Access Points
It’s very easy for family members to unlock windows, bulkheads, or back entry ways, and then forget to secure them after the fact. Making a mental note to check these access points doesn’t cost anything but time. Families should make certain that all windows are equipped with functional locking mechanisms, even those windows located above the first level.

Although traditional window locks will serve as a deterrent, they are certainly no match for most criminals. Aftermarket products to supplement window locks, and latches on exterior sliding doors, are available at any home improvement center.

A secure fence around the perimeter of any property is the first line of defense. Even the most unassuming fence will usually serve to turn burglars away. Fencing also offers a degree of privacy that will help to stop prying eyes. Custom wood fencing is the perfect solution, and it blends in much better that industrial materials such as chain link or composite systems.

Off The Shelf Security Systems
While nothing can replace a professionally installed security system, inexpensive DIY products will discourage break-ins, and will alert the homeowner of any possible danger. While inexpensive systems may not have a direct link to monitoring services, they will activate audible alarms and lighting.

Common sense ways to increase security are generally inexpensive and only require a few hours to complete. Your family’s safety is well worth the investment when you consider the alternatives.

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