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You can throw an awesome kid birthday party on a budget.  All it takes is a little extra time and ingenuity to plan a celebration that your child will be talking about for years.

Make Your Own Decorations
No matter what theme your child wants for the birthday extravaganza, you can make your own decorations to complement it. The Internet has a wealth of free website offering printable craft instructions, from banner ideas to customized party favors. Get the whole family involved to make it even more special.

Be Your Own Caterer
Forget ordering bakery cakes or calling for delivery. Even if you are lacking in culinary skills, open up a cake mix and follow the instructions. Get some frosting, sprinkles and cake decorations, and let your little artist go wild while decorating the cake. Buy pizza crusts or hamburger patties and create a build-your-own hamburger or pizza buffet table to meet different tastes. With a little creativity, you can offer a variety of food to please everyone.

Have the Kids Be the Stars of the Show
Instead of hiring a professional entertainer, stage a talent show for the birthday celebration. Include a note on the invitations to come prepared with an act to share with everyone. Dig out some of your old clothes or give a call to favorite relative, and practice your own clown show for the party.

Plan a Birthday with Friends
If any of your child’s friends have a birthday around the same time, offer to co-host an event with other parents planning parties. This way, you can combine budgets and split the duties to save time and money, without sacrificing anything. Even if there is a mix of boys and girls, think of a fun theme, such as princesses and knights or witches and wizards to plan the big day around. Another option is to just throw a costume party, so every birthday boy or girl can wear what they want for their big day.

Call in a Few Favors
If you have friends or family members with special talents, such as cake decorating or singing, ask them to perform for your child’s big day. Be prepared with a counter offer to trade for their services.

You can throw an awesome kid birthday party on a budget. All you have to do is get a little creative.

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