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Heroes, you might know that reports of assault and rape are increasing all the time. This problem isn’t limited to one country; all over the world attacks and rapes are reported. Even more frightening are the gang rapes that are being reported in the news.

How then do we keep our girls safe? I strongly suggest that a course in self-defense is very wise.  In my own town a prisoner escaped recently, and his getaway plan included kidnapping a local woman and forcing her to drive him to another state.  Thankfully she was able to get away from him with some quick thinking and called police.

A self-defense course can teach females how to be alert and aware of potential dangers.  It’s just too easy to become complacent and not pay attention to our surroundings.  I know that since the prison break I’m much more careful about how I unlock my car and enter it at the store.  Ask me in a year if I’m still being that cautious, and there’s a good chance I will have forgotten the whole thing.  That’s not good.

It’s also very wise to learn some defensive fighting moves.  As a family, we studied a martial art some years back, and I was pleased at the way our instructor insisted that we learn moves that would fend off an attacker and create an opening for escape.

One particular way that women can stay safe is by learning Muay Thai.  According to the Wikipedia entry, Muay Thai is a combat sport from the Muay martial arts of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques.

If a woman learns Muay Thai, then she can keep herself safe from sudden attacks.  This boxing art is very unique: It teaches people to break bones of attackers in one hit; yes, just one hit and the attacker will not be able to hit you again.

Imagine facing a group of attackers after having mastered this skill.

One place that teaches this beautiful art is Suwit muay thai . Based in Phuket Thailand, this camp has experts that train students on-site.  Learning this art is not an easy task.  It is, after all, a martial art that needs a lot of training and hard work for months. Within those months though, a skill is learned that can keep you safe for a lifetime.

Ever heard of a gap year?  It’s a new idea (based on an old practice) in which kids take a year between high school and college to travel and work in areas of interest.  I know someone whose son spent part of his gap year at a dojo in Japan.  Kids taking that year could easily spend a few months learning a martial art like Muay Thai.  I’ll have to mention it to the boys!  I wouldn’t mind visiting them in Thailand.

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