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A new baby will fundamentally change the home. The baby has specific needs that must be met every day. Parents need to think ahead about safety and convenience. Preparing for a baby should include several changes to the home.

Empty Some Closet Space

The first change should be to empty one or more closets. Baby supplies will take up a large amount of space. It is safest and most convenient to keep these supplies in a single closet. The space can be used for baby towels, formula, diapers and other products.

Secure Low Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Babies will crawl around and explore on the floor. Any low cabinet doors should be secured with special locks or plastic ties around the handles. This will prevent a baby from getting near household cleaners under the sink, heavy electronics in an entertainment center or sharp supplies in a desk drawer.

Cover Outlets

Electrical outlets can be very dangerous for babies. Poking a toy or finger into an outlet can cause electrocution. All of the outlets in the home should have safety covers attached. Another option is to replace the faceplate with a safety plate that has a small sliding outlet cover built into the design.

Get Cords Out Of The Way

Any cords in the home can become a strangulation hazard for a baby. This includes electrical cords, cords for blinds and cables from cell phone chargers. These cords should be removed from the areas where the baby will be. They can also be taped down to the ground so they are not a threat. Hanging cords from blinds or lights can be rolled up and bound with twist ties.

Create Dedicated Spaces for the Baby

Dedicated spaces should be made for the baby. The baby needs a dedicated room or a specific area of the bedroom where the crib will sit. There should be a dedicated area for changing the baby. A dedicated area should be made at the side of the dining room table for feeding in the coming weeks and months.

Buy Gates for Stairs and Doorways

Babies can get seriously hurt from a fall or other injury when exploring stairs and doorways. It is best to buy portable gates to help block these areas. The gates will stop a baby from being able to get near the stairs or pass through a doorway into a dangerous part of the home.

Preparing for a baby is a process that is never quite done. You can do everything from updating the windows and doors in Ontario with Comfort King Ltd.‘s options to modifying specific spaces for the baby. The needs of the baby will grow and shift over time. The home will need to change constantly in the coming years as the baby grows up so don’t be caught unawares.

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