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Teaching your children how to tie their shoes can be a very memorable moment as a parent. This essential skill is one of the iconic examples of parents sharing their knowledge and experiences with their children. Luckily, there are several tips that you can use to help your child grasp this concept.

Use Different Colored Laces

This is a fantastic little trick that can make the whole learning experience much easier. Most children learn to associate things with color at a very young age. Some children also confuse their left and right, making this much more difficult. Using a different color for the right and left lace can solve these problems.

Make A Cardboard Practice Shoe

To do this, you will need to make two very large shoes cut outs from a cardboard box. With a hole puncher, add the holes for the laces. After the practice shoe is properly laced up, you can let your child practice on it, as many children find it much easier to tie than a real shoe.

The Squirrel And The Tree Method

This is a great metaphor that really helps the children understand how to tie their shoes. First, you tell the child to make a starter knot as the tree roots. Then, have your child hold the long skinny loop, or “tree”, in their right hand. Once the knot has been set up, you tell your child that the squirrel runs around the tree, jumps into the hole, and jumps out of the hole of the other side.

Children’s Books

There is a large number of children’s books that can help your child better learn how to tie their shoes. This means that you are provided with a large selection of options to better cater to your child’s individual needs.

Loop And Pull

This is the most classic method of teaching children how to tie shoes, and it is one that we all probably remember being taught at some point. To start, have your child make a starter knot. Then simply make two loops, criss-cross them, and pull the knot tight.

Practice In Increments

Your child will likely not retain what you are teaching if you try to teach it all at once. Instead, set aside 15-20 minutes each day to learn how to tie shoes. Not only is this easier on you and your child, but it is also much more effective.

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