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Getting ready for a baby is both exciting and slightly scary. Everyone is full of advice, and you also have your own intuition to listen to. As you consider all of the changes ahead, read on for some insightful preparation needs that you may or may not have already thought of.

Prepare your pets for the arrival of a baby

Your pets are used to feeling like they are your baby. They have no idea what changes are about to happen. Get the nursery ready ahead of time so that your pet can witness the new pieces of furniture and the new set up. Start any type of training or re-training that you feel is necessary as soon as you find out that you are expecting. Even if your pet is the nicest animal in the world, take precautions such as putting a screen door in the door frame of your child’s nursery so that you can adequately see and hear what is going on in the room without disturbing baby, or allowing pets to have access to the room. When you bring the baby home, first bring in an item with the scent of the baby on it and allow your pet to get used to it, and then bring the baby him or herself in. Be sure to spend some time each day after baby’s arrival petting and giving attention to your furry friend.

Ward Off Unwanted Pests And Rodents

Unlike the furry friends that you love and adore, there may also be beastly pests and rodents lurking in your home. Be sure to deal with these nasty and bacteria-ridden varmints well before you bring baby home. Contact professionals such as this San Joaquin Rodent Control company to be sure that the job is done correctly and efficiently. Don’t risk the health and well being of your little bundle of joy.

Make A Belly Cast

While it may seem that you will be pregnant forever, or that you will remember these days and all that they entailed in great detail, it helps to have a visual reminder. Not only is making a belly cast a fun way to immortalize a big and blessed belly, but it is also a great way to slow down and reflect on the changes that are already underway. Belly casting kits are available at a variety of retailers.

Get Your Freezer Ready

As much as possible, prepare meals ahead of your due date, and freeze them. You will be thankful later that you took the extra preparation time to do this. Also consider creating a space to store frozen breast milk, and get your breast milk freezer bags ready to go. Learn how to use your breast pump, and be sure to post any important phone numbers such as pediatrician, lactation support groups, poison control, and etc., on the outside of your fridge or freezer.

Enjoy this time, and all that it has to offer. Babies are sweet bundles of joy, but with them comes a great amount of responsibility. Do your homework and put effort into making your home and life inviting for your new little lad or lady.

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