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Spring has sprung! Time to ditch those winter boots and coats and slip into something more comfortable (and fashionable)! No one is more excited about shaking the Winter blues than children. Little girls are especially excited about all of the fun and pretty clothes that hit the shelves. They love to dress up and receive admiration from all of the other girls and women around them. Here are five different spring time outfit ideas that will have everyone saying, “Aww! She’s so cute!”

1. Skinny Jeans and Cardigans

It is always adorable when little girls have a look of class and sophistication. One way to get that look is by dressing in skinny jeans and a cardigan. Both jeans and cardigans come in a wide variety of colors, making them easy to mix and match. Complete this look with a pair of ballet flats, which can add another splash of color. Another great thing about this look is that your little lady can match her Mommy. Adorable.

2. Leggings and Tutus

Girls love tutus! They are frilly and adorable! There are so many options available when it comes to tutus. Whether it is flower girl tutu dresses or single solid print dresses, they come in a large variety of choices. There are even tutus that come with embellishments that compliment the outfit or your daughter’s interests. And it is really awesome because you can make tutus on your own. And it’s an easy and inexpensive project. This allows you to customize the garment to your daughter’s specifications. Just pair them up with either tights or leggings, whichever your little one prefers. A cute way to wear the tutu is with leggings, a pair of frilly socks, and converse sneakers.

3. Floral Print Dress and Cowgirl Boots

Our third look is country western inspired, but it has caught on across the country. You can pick out any style of floral dress, and any pattern. It looks best if the length of the dress comes to the knee. Just pair the dress with a favorite pair of cowgirl boots and a denim jacket. Since denim comes in several colors, use it to your advantage while creating your outfit!

4. Dresses, Dresses, Dresses!

Dresses are fun, easy, and never go out of style. Dresses are a hot ticket item this year. One favorite style this year is a ribbon going around the dress, separating the top and bottom. Also, polka dot dresses and tulle flower accents are hot right now.

Remember that little girls are prettiest when they are happy, so the most important thing is to let them express their individuality. Happy shopping, and Happy Spring!

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