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How to Childproof Your Home
The little one is coming and your first task, besides showering it with love, is to keep it safe and sound. At first, your home might just be the safest place you can think of. And it probably is, if you are a grown up. However, think twice and look around and you will soon spot tons of dangers right there at your home. If you are still not sure what this is all about, try to check these tips and see if they can help you make a safer place for your kid.

Start from the Floor Up
small child walking with parent, holding handsForget about the glass windows and sharp objects before you take care of the floor. Your toddler will crawl all over it very soon, so make sure it is safe. If it is a wooden floor, make sure that it is splint-free because that might hurt your baby. Carpets should go to the dry cleaning, and the floors need to be perfectly clean. Don’t forget the rule – if it is on the floor, they will put it into their mouth, so don’t let anything like that be on the way of your toddler.

Pulling and Pushing
Make sure that you remove or secure all the things on your child’s way that can be put out of balance by pulling or pushing. All those vases, standing lamps, statues and plants will need to find new places to be, or they need to be placed out of reach or secured in a way that your kid cannot trip it over and pull it toward themselves.

Doors and Edges
Get down on all four and take a look at all the spikes, edges, and other things that you kid can bump into and get seriously hurt. You can buy the rubber or silicone pads for those things and place them on all the edges in on that level. Also, those little fingers can be very easily stuck in the doors. Therefore, use the door stoppers that will make injuries by doors almost impossible.

Sockets and Cords
All the cords that drag on the floor will need to be removed. They are so easy to pull and in that way trip over whatever may be on the other end. And they look so appealing to pull! Also, all the sockets need to be secured. There are lids for those sockets that prevent those little fingers from touching them and putting all sort of interesting things inside them. Also, a kid that is just starting to walk should not be required to be careful about the cords.

Germs and Cleaning Products
Yes, the surfaces that your kid touches should be germ-free and clean. Yes, that can be achieved by using all sorts of products. However, not all bacteria killing products are suitable for your home while you have a kid there. Regardless of how much you try to keep your child’s hands clean, they will manage to slip a finger or two in their mouth after crawling on all four on that floor. In that way, your little one will get some of that product in their mouth. Therefore, make sure it is not overly aggressive one. Also keep the cabinet with aggressive home chemistry tightly locked as it may seem like something fun to taste.

Needless to say, all the pills, dirt from the pots and even pet food in the bowls on the floor may be appealing to your little explorer, so make sure nothing of those ends up in their mouth. Just keep it away, safely locked.

Author bio:

Diana Smith is a devoted full time mom of two beautiful girls. She is interested in topics related to parenting and home improvement like new home renovation and interior design. Diana enjoys seeing her readers getting useful information from her articles.