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Boys’ bedroom: Farmhouse Kids by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Robert M. Cain, Architect

By Jane Blanchard

Creating a room for your little man can be a fun and rewarding process — boys’ rooms don’t have to be a mess of dirty socks and random sports stuff. Let’s take a look at some seriously inspiring rooms that just about any little guy would be happy to call his own:

Sleep Well
Be sure to have ample sleep space that is fun and cozy for your room. Even if it is not a shared room, plan on sleepovers and visitors for your kiddo. This amazing bunk room is a great hangout for a boy who likes having lots of options for his bed, or for a group of brothers, sharing peacefully.

Tip: If the room will be shared by siblings, give them a bit of privacy by installing some kind of divider between beds. Even better, a divider like the one in the photo acts as storage for books and toys.

Study Space
bedroom wall decorated with wooden slats, 2 desks built inContemporary Home Office by Lehi General Contractors Ezra Lee Design+Build

As boys get bigger, so does their amount of homework. Think about incorporating a calm, organized workspace for him that is free of distractions, but not boring. This will help him feel comfortable in the space and ultimately focus more and get more done.

Organize Everything
boys' closet with decorated bins for different categories of clothesvia Houzz

Kids are bound to make messes in their rooms, and that’s okay. The important thing is to help them learn to clean it up and keep it organized. For younger boys, this is easy to do with smart closet solutions like this graphic organizer that works for kids of all ages, reading or not.

Get Moving
bedroom wall with grip bars for climbingvia Houzz

Boys are busy. Why not let them get some of their energy out in their room? A climbing wall or indoor swing can be the perfect addition to their space. Any boy with an awesome wall like this one will be excited to bring his friends over to play.

Toy Love
wall of shelves, each holding several toy trainsvia Houzz

It’s important to let the things that are meaningful favorites for your little guy take center stage in his room without cluttering the space. A great way to achieve this is by creating a feature using his most-loved toys like these cars as a decorative, organized focal point.

Gentle Reminder
room with rules painted decoratively on wallTraditional Kids by Cincinnati Photographers RVGP Photo+Graphics

Our final tip is to use the decor in your kid’s room to help instill some of the values you wish for them to learn. This can easily be snuck in with some lovely word art like this mural that is full of advice on how to become a well-rounded human being.

Don’t forget to let your boy be little as long as possible. Making a special room just for him, that he can grow into and make memories in, is one really great way to achieve parenting rock star status.

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