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So yesterday near the end of the day I sank gratefully into my oh-so-amazing couch under a delicious pile of blankets and called the dogs to come snuggle with me.

As a side note, I have to tell you: I LOVE this couch. We got it last summer. It’s a 2-piece sectional, and it’s big enough for the entire family. At the same time!

It’s super soft and large. The back is tall enough to support your head if you’re tired and want to snooze during a television show. I snooze there frequently.

This couch is so amazing and wonderful that I frequently find myself thanking God that we are blessed to have such a luxury. Because believe me, it’s a luxury. I have no idea why we’re allowed to have something so wonderful and warm and cozy. It’s just…one of my favorite places to be.

So anyhow, I was very tired and I cuddled in with the dogs and the blankets. It was pretty cold and I was warm and cozy and happy.

Then I realized that I needed to brush my teeth.


The thought of having to leave all that luxury and freeze as I skittered across the house to the bathroom was terribly unappetizing.

Since The Mercenary is currently studying Health Occupations in school, I thought it would be funny to call out to him in a plaintive voice: “Will you brush my teeth for meeeee??”

His answer was horrifying. “Sure, Mom. I need to practice that anyhow.”

After some serious pondering how I could have lost control of the situation so quickly, I went and brushed my teeth.