You Believe Your Family is Special. There’s an Insurance Company Out There That Thinks You’re Right.

Hard to believe as it may seem, there’s more than one insurance company out there today that is willing to offer your family group health insurance. That’s right; your family constitutes a group and reaps all the rewards of a group including lower rates than individual insurance premiums. This new trend in insurance is partly […]

Keeping Kids Safe In the Car & Out

As a parent, you know how important it is to keep your kids safe as they run, jump and skip through everyday life. You undoubtedly make sure that they wear helmets when they ride their bikes, knee pads when they’re cruising on their scooters and even have a first aid stash that would rival your […]

Use Holidays as Cultural Learning Tools for Your Kids

If you’ve ever wanted to introduce your children to other cultures, just about every holiday out there — including non-American holidays — give you the perfect opportunity to do so. Most children are under the impression that the holidays of their religion are celebrated in the same way all around the world. Until you tell […]

How Safe Is Your Child at Home?

The great philosopher Eeyore sagely said of accidents, “You’re never having them until you’re having them,” and Eeyore’s friend Tigger was colored day-glow orange as a safety precaution. Protect both your little and your big kids by routinely patrolling your happy home with an eye for hazards of all kinds. When you patrol, look and […]