I Want Treasures for My Children

I was listening to a Christian radio station the other day and they were celebrating the life of Billy Graham. One mom called in to say that her family had been at one of his evangelistic outreaches when her daughter (now 14) was 5 years old. When the call to come to the altar and […]


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US, a time that we use to be with family and think about our blessings. I’m thankful of course for God’s amazing blessings, our family, a home that’s safe and dry, food to eat, and an income that meets our needs and then some. “Count your blessings” someone said […]

Bring The Rain

We all have those moments in life where reality pierces our hearts. I had a moment like that yesterday. Okay….well…I had an afternoon like that yesterday. Heather from OhMyStinkinHeck linked through to a post from Angie Smith, which is a blog written by Angie Smith. (Note: Angie used to write at a blog called Bring […]


I’ve known a beautiful young lady at my church for several years now. Her name is Samantha, but most of us call her Sam for short. When so many families left the church two summers ago in the split, Sam lost some friends that she adored. I know it was pretty hard on her. Not […]

Facing a Parting, The Update

The only predictable thing about kids is they’re unpredictable. We had a kids’ craft event at church yesterday afternoon, and my friend D was there.  You know, the one who’s leaving.  It was super hard watching her talk to a few of the other ladies, saying some goodbyes and crying a bit in the process.  […]

Greatness in the Ordinary

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things like status and identity, people’s roles in life…that sort of thing. We’ve all gotten the message at least once that you have to make a big splash in life, to have fame or fortune to be successful. I wonder why we celebrate the rich, the famous, the […]