Help Your Teen Choose a Career and Move Out

As our little darlings enter their teen years, our job is to foster their independence and self-sufficiency. As parents, our ultimate goal is the same: to raise kids who will, eventually, venture out into the great unknown and leave us in much-deserved peace. The number of people ages 18-31 living in their parents’ home was […]

Prom Perfection: Make A Night You’ll Remember Forever

Editor’s note: as a parent who hasn’t gone through sending children to Prom yet, I feel compelled to say that while of course making memories are important, so is staying out of debt. If you can’t pay cash (or better yet, have your teen contribute some dollars) for an extravaganza, don’t make it so big. […]

Leaving Your Kids In Charge For The First Time: 5 Tips For A Smooth Experience

The idea of allowing your children to stay home alone can cause you to be anxiety ridden, but there are considerations to make and suggestions to take to make the experience smooth for everyone involved. As you make your decision, remember that 12 is the rule of thumb age when most adults feel safe leaving […]

Building A Better Student: That’ll Leave a Mark

Even if they never say it aloud, most people hope to leave their mark on the world somehow, to do something that stands out like a beacon that states “I was here.” In a world of seven billion people it might seem like a tough order. That’s why so many people – and especially young […]

Hard Work And Responsibility: 4 After School Jobs To Consider For Your Teenager

Teenagers are often eager to earn their own spending money once they reach a certain age. They want to buy clothes, music, food and other items without going through mom and dad. When your teen approaches you about working part-time after school, this is an opportunity to help teach them about the responsibilities that come […]

Kids and Their Cars: When it Gets Complicated

Parents always want the best for their children, and there’s usually nothing in this world that would prevent them from making sure that they’re safe. Unfortunately, as our kids get older, they ultimately go out on their own. Usually the first step into that new world is their ability to drive. This puts teenagers in […]