Kids Want A Trampoline This Summer? 6 Must Knows Before Making The Purchase

Trampolines are a great way for kids to get exercise and spend time outdoors. But before you make the purchase, there are some important considerations. Read on for six things to think about before you buy a trampoline for your kids this summer. 1. Does Your Home Insurance Cover Trampolines? For most homeowner’s insurance, you […]

Home Security: Is it time to Leave Your Kids in Charge?

There are quite a few examples in the news of people’s homes being broken into. While it is horrible to think of someone breaking into your house and stealing your valuables, it’s an even more horrific thought that someone could break into your house when you or your loved ones are home. Often such scenarios […]

What Makes a Car Safe? 5 Things to Consider When Buying Your Next Family Car

When you are buying a family car, one of the most important considerations has to be safety. As the head of a family, it is your job to keep your loved ones safe. While no one likes to think about it, driving is an activity that can turn deadly in an instant. Therefore, you need […]

5 Tips to Help Prevent Abuse in Sports

There are many reasons why a child should participate in sports. Sports teach important life lessons including goal-setting, teamwork and self-confidence, not to mention the great exercise it provides athletes. Unfortunately, competitive sports can also be a high-risk environment for misconduct, including physical and sexual abuse. These types of abuse can also have long-term damaging […]

Home Safety: Five Tips For Shoring Up Vulnerable Areas in Your House

Making a home safer does not mean spending hundreds or even thousands on new gadgets. Many of the most common hazards within a home require nothing more than a few minor changes to daily or even weekly habits. Here are five of the easiest steps that can be taken to make a home safer for […]

Muay Thai Training – Defend Yourself from Sudden Attacks

Heroes, you might know that reports of assault and rape are increasing all the time. This problem isn’t limited to one country; all over the world attacks and rapes are reported. Even more frightening are the gang rapes that are being reported in the news. How then do we keep our girls safe? I strongly […]