Four Ways to Get Your Kids Excited about Moving

For children and adults, the idea of moving to another house, city or rural area involves an element of excitement, maybe a little fear and uncertainty and some moments of sadness. For your kids, the emotion that you hope dominates is excitement and enthusiasm for the changing circumstances. There are several things you can do […]

Do Your Kids Want A Pet?
4 Things To Consider Before Bringing An Animal Home

So your child wants a pet. Before committing to adopting a cat, dog or even something as small as a hamster, there are several things to consider. Time First and foremost, you need to decide if you and your family have the time to commit to a pet. Any pet takes a lot of work […]

How To Make Your Children Feel More at Ease in Your New Home

A new house is always something to cherish. It brings in a sense of achievement for the owner, and is a mark of his or her pride. Everyone desires to own a house and it is the biggest investment that one makes in life. Each human being is an emotional creature. He or she can […]

Ergonomic Solutions for Homeschooling Laptop Users

Almost everyone nowadays owns a laptop. The only problem with this is that most people are never taught the proper ergonomic techniques associated with owning one. It can be unhealthy for your wrists and joints if you are not properly positioned when using your laptop. It can lead to even more severe health issues down […]

Can Homeschooled Students Go To College?

(Editor’s note: Please welcome our latest guest author Brian Jenkins with his article about homeschooled kids and college success. Thanks Brian!) Can Homeschooled Students Easily Make the Transition to College Life? Many parents of homeschooled children wonder if their kids will be able to adjust to a college social climate and on-campus classrooms. They wonder […]