Ways to Plan Ahead for the Ultimate Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is a great break for kids, but for parents sometimes it does not seem like a break at all. With kids home from school, days of whining about being bored can lead to a long summer. If you want to have an awesome summer that both you and your children will enjoy, there […]

Does Your Child Hate to Read? Tips to Inspire a Love for Reading in Kids

Whether we like it or not, some kids just hate reading. Don’t blame yourself and stop assuming that you could have done better. Parents make the mistake of taking all the blame on themselves for their children’s hatred of books. Rather than do that and solve nothing, spend some time finding efficient ways to instill […]

6 Ideas to Keep a Pre-teen Enjoying Reading

I truly believe that a child’s love and competence in reading is the responsibility of the parents. Of course I am not including dyslexia, but even in these children a love of books can and should be fostered. Introducing babies as young as 3 months old is ideal. Clearly these will be cloth picture books, […]

The Pride of Ignorance

He was tall, lanky, in his early 20s, and might’ve had a plug of tobacco behind his lower lip; I couldn’t tell for sure. His wife had come to the book store in order to get one of my books signed, and it was quite clear that he was merely tagging along. While I shook […]

New Award Winning Books Your Kids Will Love

By Maria L. Hughes There are so many new children’s books and young adult literature coming out these days that it’s sometimes overwhelming to find quality contemporary literature for your children. There are a few awards given out every year however, that mark exemplary works in children’s literature. Here is a review of some of […]

Kumon Supports Reading Is Fundamental

Kumon, the after-school math and reading program, is supporting RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) in March. Kumon has pledged to give at least $50,000. Isn’t that great? Additionally, for every new student who enrolls with Kumon, 4 books will be donated to RIF (approximately a $10 value). It’s possible to raise that figure to $75,000. According […]