Keep them Entertained: Six Fun Activities for Kids on Break

Every kid deserves a vacation, but sometimes those vacations are a little too long. If you have found that your little ones begin to go stir crazy after a few days on break, get creative. Create a Mini Garden Fill an extra-large plant pot or a deep plastic storage tote with potting soil. Choose a […]

How to Find a Safe Babysitter

My children were hellions. When left unsupervised they would leap from roofs and wander the neighborhood egging each other into idiotic maneuvers. The thought of what trouble they would find or what trouble would find them was ulcer inducing. My wife and I always tried to ensure that they had some form of supervision, but […]

I Am A Happy Camper

I haven’t given you any updates on our school progress in quite a while, Internets. The short story is things are going well. We have issues to work on, make no mistake about it. But overall we’re progressing along well. The Mercenary hasn’t complained about having to do his schoolwork in a long time. Yes, […]