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I haven’t given you any updates on our school progress in quite a while, Internets. The short story is things are going well. We have issues to work on, make no mistake about it. But overall we’re progressing along well.

The Mercenary hasn’t complained about having to do his schoolwork in a long time. Yes, he’ll frown slightly when he’d rather be doing something else, but there’s been no major complaint or tantrum in months. TechnoBoy has also been much more cooperative. He does get a bit grumpy and can throw himself on the floor at a moment’s notice but his work is good, he’s doing things independently and I’m pleased.

As for the younger boys: they are impressing the heck out of me academically. This morning they got out their spelling books and read the directions and started answering the questions independently. I was quite surprised!

On the behavior front, we’ve got some work to do especially with Captain Earthquake. Both of them have lots of fun every day, we smile and laugh all throughout schoolwork. Yet every time I call them to get started, there’s resistance. I think it’s simply a learned behavior. They saw big brothers throwing fits about schoolwork daily for their entire lives; it’s natural that they are copying that behavior and making it their own. We’re making progress though.

Okay, so you’re updated! Now I can tell you why I am a happy camper. Today-even with piano lessons and a trip to the library-we finished school by 2:20pm. Can you believe it? It was fantastic! Everyone worked hard, we got done, and….

I got out my sewing machine. It was, in a word, heavenly. I had about 3 hours to play with fabric. The boys played games and generally relaxed at the same time. I had forgotten how wonderful a break like that feels. Hopefully the boys will remember tomorrow and we can have one again.

I can hear the fabric calling.

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