Monday Giveaway Linky – Christmas Week Edition

Merry Christmas in advance, Heroes! Here at Earnest Parenting, the boys are out of school for 2 weeks (two weeks!!!) and are very happy to have the time off. I have to admit that I have gotten used to having the house quiet while I work during the days, so we’ll see how this goes. […]

Celebrate Christmas With a Unique Advent Calendar

Christmastime brings joy to everyone, but perhaps the ones that are affected by the Christmas spirit the most are the kids. They count the days to the great event – the arriving of Santa Claus. For that, they take the help of the advent calendar, which in most cases is filled with sweets and the […]

Christmas Crafting Tools for the Novice

This Christmas season, you’ve decided to do something completely different. All the past years have not only entailed buying presents, but purchasing some new decorations. You may have noticed at a neighbor’s Christmas party down the street last year that he had some of the exact same decorations as you. It may be cool stuff, […]

Earnest Parenting 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Well, Heroes, it’s time for holiday gift-giving. We’ve reviewed many wonderful products over the past year, and I thought you might like to see some of my favorites plus a few new ones. Please note that in many cases I received a free sample to do the review in the first place. All opinions (as […]

Christmas Is Around The Corner! 5 To Do’s That Should Be On Your List

Christmas is coming! It’s not time to panic yet, but it is time to get going. Here are the five topics that have to be on your to-do list at this point. Organize Your Wardrobe By now you have some idea of what the season’s social schedule is going to be. What are you wearing […]

Allow Kids to Shop Safely for Christmas Gifts

I learned recently about a fascinating site called The Christmas Registry. The creators went to great lengths to make this site safe for children. Only the bare minimum of information is gathered from both the child and grown-up users. Furthermore, the site is designed to put the grown-up in complete control of the child log-ins. […]