Keeping Up With Kids: Creative Ways to Harness Their Energy

We’ve all been there at the end of a lazy day where we just chill out and take it easy. All is well until you realize the children have also been right there with you, and they now need to do something, or they’ll explode. While there are the traditional ways of having kids blow […]

How to Choose the Right Paints for Your Kids

Kids love painting and getting messy – it’s a proven fact! But as parents, just the mere sight of a tray of paints is usually enough to bring us out in a cold sweat. If we think back to when we were kids, we might remember the lasting stains on our clothes if we accidentally […]

Create Artful Drawings with Graph Paper

The younger boys have been enjoying their birthday gifts of Etch-a-Sketch. It quickly turned into a pretty fun (and easy) art project last week. Read all about it in my weekly post at GNMParents (now titled Graph Paper Pictures. Here’s an excerpt: Captain Earthquake brought his over to show me an abstraction that he’d […]