How to Talk with Your Child About the Death of a Loved One

Death as a part of life is a principle that most of us have had the benefit of many years to come to terms with. However, when a loved one dies, it can be challenging to try to explain death to a child. This is especially difficult when the person who dies is special to […]

Talk to Your Children About Drunk Driving

Drunk driving kills about 30 people in the US a day. According to the CDC, this suggests that one person dies around every 48 minutes in an alcohol related accident. Children are often the victims of drunk driving and teenagers are often the ones responsible for these deaths. Because teenagers are so often at the […]

Hug Your Kids For Me, Wouldja?

A dear dear friend just let me know that her son died this morning. He had been fighting cancer for years, and today lost that battle. To my knowledge, Jeremy was 25 years old. That’s too young to die. If you’re the praying type, could you remember my friend for a while? She’s struggled with […]

Bring The Rain

We all have those moments in life where reality pierces our hearts. I had a moment like that yesterday. Okay….well…I had an afternoon like that yesterday. Heather from OhMyStinkinHeck linked through to a post from Angie Smith, which is a blog written by Angie Smith. (Note: Angie used to write at a blog called Bring […]