My Dad Tells Terrific Bedtime Stories (Give Away!)

I was contacted this summer by Scott Harpole, of Scott has created and recorded a whole collection of stories for kids to enjoy at bedtime. There are printed books and audio cd’s as well as downloadable tracks. Scott has even created a monthly club called The My Dad’s Bedtime Stories Readers Club. For $6 […]

Save Money by Taking Family Vacations in the Off-Season

So, it’s been years since the family has gone on an extended vacation. We’ve done overnights here and there, but a true vacation…where we drive a long way and stay at hotels and do touristy stuff…we haven’t done that since, hmmmm. Let me think. 2007. Ouch. Part of the reason is financial. Taking 6 people […]

Enjoy a Huge Grand Opening Discount from Printcopia

Howdy Heroes! I got a message from the good folks at Printcopia letting me know that they’re celebrating their grand opening with a huge 50% off + standard shipping deal on photo to canvas prints. And here’s something else cool: they’re dialed in to Instagram and Facebook. You can print images right from those sites. […]


Okay, I’ve been working my little fingers to the bone getting my new site ready.  I’m happy to announce that the framework is in place and we’re ready to roll.  Of course, more changes will be happening.  🙂  There are always improvements to be made.  But I’m certainly not someone who spends too much time […]