5 Things to Tell Your Teenage Driver When They’ve Been in an Accident

Teenage drivers are notoriously known for driving with the music too loud and putting the petal to the metal a bit too hard. The first month after a teen gets their license is when the driver is most at risk of getting in an accident. Should an accident occur with a teen driver, it can […]

How to Help an ADD Child Cope Without Medication

Having a child with Attention Deficit Disorder can be taxing on a parent. Many schools and psychologists will push medicating your child in order to help them adapt. In some cases, they push so hard for the drug that you feel like you’re in a back-alley somewhere haggling over a price. It doesn’t have to […]

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

We’ll call her Ashley, but she could be almost any high school student in America. She works on her homework at the kitchen table with a television playing loudly in the background, her phone alerting her to check a barrage of incoming text messages, and a computer screen that displays an ongoing Skype session with […]

Reason #79 to Keep Your Children Around

Hubby and I discovered something over the past two days. It turns out that keeping children around while you’re doing projects that require skill and concentration can be helpful. If you didn’t, who would you have to blame for distracting you? I know, I know! It’s crazy, but completely true. Say for example that you […]