Gap Year Idea: Go to Thailand to Learn Muay Thai

Heroes, I think I’ve mentioned this idea before: the Gap Year. Have I mentioned it? I don’t recall. I’ll recap: a gap year is a year kids can take between high school and college to travel and get amazing experiences. I know of one young man who spent some time in Australia and then another […]

How to Know if Divorce is the Right Choice for Your Family

Editor’s note: this was a difficult post for me to agree to publish. I’m of a mind to say that once people get married they should plan to stay that way for life, since most minor issues tend to resolve with time and maturity. That said, I recognize that there are frequently situations where the […]

Ay. The Kids, They Bug Each Other

Ever have one of those days when the kids seem to spend every waking moment picking at each other? Today was one of those days here at Earnest Parenting. It’s not really sibling rivalry….just irritating the daylights out of each other. First The Mercenary would irritate Captain Earthquake, who would then retaliate by taking a […]

Sibling Rivalry: First, Address the Root Cause

Mary asked in the comments of Verbal Fireworks for some Love and Logic responses to sibling rivalry that might work. I’m putting my thoughts here and in the next post on this topic; any other suggestions that you may have to add to the comments section would be just fantastic. 🙂 Here’s Mary’s comment, so […]

Verbal Fireworks

I’ve been noticing lately the power of words, especially the spoken word. All 4 boys are demonstrating an ability to seriously get under each others’ skin, just by using their words. Having 2 sets of twins can make for some fascinating interactions. We have a couple of competing dynamics: children who’ve lived their lives with […]

First Day of the New School Year: We Survived

Well.  I knew the boys were anxious about starting school again, but I had no idea how anxious.  It all started with getting them out of bed about an hour earlier than they are accustomed.  Turns out a certain brilliant (ahem) individual made a doctor’s appointment for Captain Earthquake at 7:45 am.  Oh.  Did I […]